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Meet The Saree Chef

A charming persona who juggles so many hats that categorising her into just one genre would not be possible. But, the one toque she wears with most pride is, “The Saree Chef”. For her being The Saree Chef, doesn’t confide her to a stereotypical genre of a cooking Indian housewife, but an Indian Chef who has not forgotten her culture, tradition and country even while cooking the most elaborate exotic cuisines in her traditional attire.


Born and raised in a conservative family of lawyers and judges, Chef Ananya not only had to curb her passion for cooking but had to keep practising a profession she did not have a heart to do. But passion so profound always overcomes every hurdle and so did Ananya. 


Once she started on this culinary adventure, there has been no stopping her. From the cuisines of our homeland to the cuisines of the most exciting places of the world she has mastered them all. She has won so many hearts through her cooking, from Foreign Ambassadors, visiting dignitaries to our own country bred Celebrities and Celebrity Chefs.



She has made a name for herself in the culinary world and established herself as one of the very few Chefs who are so versatile in their cooking techniques.

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